Report: Saab will jump back in the game with the 93 SportCombi and Convertible

Shortly after GM’s bankruptcy selloff, Trollhattan-based safety/luxury marque Saab was purchased by National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) in 2012; since this point, the cogs have been slowly turning to reintroduce the well-known quirky brand. Though the first “new” (new ownership) 9-3 entry level luxury sedan rolled off the production line last September, the brand has only really dipped its paddle in the water once or twice in terms of high volume production, and speculation has run rampant as to what the company may be doing in its new form.

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We now know that the car maker will likely start off with its tried and true models that left production officially in 2011; specifically the 93 SportCombi and Convertible. For the uninitiated, SportCombi is Saab-speak for wagon. Though the cars have classically been front wheel drive, they have also offered an AWD option in recent years and have been a vehement proponent of the manual transmission. Though this author doesn’t really care for some features such as the “Blackout” button that dims everything but the speedo and the ignition switch next to the gearstick, handbrake, and seat heater buttons, it’s great to see them coming back. There’s no word on mechanicals, but it would not be shocking, for the moment, to see some version of GM’s Ecotec four under the hood with a turbo and an electric powertrain too, courtesy of new owner NEVS.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: AutoNation

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