Report: Lexus makes us envious, produces factory supercharged LX570 for bespoke Middle East market

Lexus has apparently gone above and beyond to produce a bespoke model for the Middle Eastern market. The result: a factory supercharged Lexus LX570 SUV sedan, built by the brand’s Kuwaiti distributor for their market only.

The Lexus LX570 continues to be sold here in the US and elsewhere in the world. Buyers can also downgrade to the Toyota version, known as the famous Land Cruiser. Though all of them, including us, will be looking over at the Middle East with envy as they get this supercharged leviathan.

The 5.7L V8 starts off with 383hp in the US version, but thanks to the new crank-driven induction, the supercharged model produces 450hp and sports two fuel tanks, like the normal Kuwaiti-specified LX570 does. The total result is 36.46 gallons. Sounds like a wallet buster here for us Americans but for those in Kuwait, they have it a little easier, where gas recently measured in at the equivalent of $0.88 per gallon as of January 2014 (must be nice).

Though this model was described to be super exclusive to the Kuwait market in which the project was approved. And according to Lexus’ spokesperson, Bill Kwong, the project is only for this market because the engines presents significant issues with emissions in the US, especially California.

Dang…imagined if Lexus made that engine more available and placed it in an LS or GS…can we say, yes please?

Source: Lexus of Kuwait via AutoBlog

Chris Chin

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