Report: BBC Top Gear UK’s Jeremy Clarkson lambasted for apparently dropping the n-bomb

BBC Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson being criticized in the news is not really…news…but this time, it may have gone a little two far.

An original report from Great Britain’s tabloid, The Mirror, supposedly found a spot during some outtakes of a previous episode of Top Gear, where Clarkson allegedly dropped the n-bomb when using the “Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe” rhyme between a Toyota GT-86 and the Subaru BR-Z. Though having watched that segment countless times in the past, and even focusing on the reported video evidence that The Mirror claims to have, it’s very hard to verify The Mirrors claims.

Of course, being a tabloid, we’re also not surprised of these type of allegations and rather weak evidence, usually taken out of context. But either way, we still don’t see how the n-bomb was dropped and Clarkson himself is far from racist in his expressions. Nonetheless, Clarkson got on the wire himself by posting a video and Twitter response, as well as some bolstered support from host mate, James May.

Check it out after the jump, including the original alleged video evidence.

Original Video

Jezza’s Response


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