Report: Details emerging on the greenlighted BMW M2

Likely offered as a 2016 model based on the current F22 chassis, there are growing indications as reported previously that BMW will offer something a bit more special than the already excellent M235i. Power will come from an uprated version of the N55 3 liter turbo straight six and will likely be to the tune of 365-375 horsepower, up from the 320 found in the M235i.

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The last sub-M3 car offered was the 1M, which sold for just over $47K, and now changes hands for around $60K, thanks to a 500 copy limit. The M2 is said to be offered in regular production volumes, so if you give BMW the appropriate sum (the prevailing guess at the moment is about $55K), they will be only too happy to hand one off to you. Sure it’s more than the $43,100 BMW asks for the M235i, but the overall package, should be, well, more.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source:  Carscoops