Report: Coupe-styled Mercedes GLA in the works, separate line for off roaders too

Though the existing GLA can’t be described as massive, and for some it’s difficult to describe the car as unattractive; it’s becoming abundantly clear that Mercedes feels that there’s an untapped niche that they are not exploiting. The news comes from Beijing that Mercedes is considering tightening up the styling for a reduced size, or at least reduced proportioned version of the GLA crossover/hatchback. Like the BMW X4, it is reasonable to speculate that Mercedes will want more money for this car than the standard, larger option and that the level of standard equipment will be higher.

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The news of the tweaked GLA comes on the heels of what may be a more significant development: a split between Mercedes’ on road SUVs and their off road SUVS. After producing a BMW X6 competitor, the famed Stuttgart brand may be in the process of developing cars, which as they put it, offer a higher driving position than their standard fare. What form will these ‘utes take? It’s hazy at best right now, but it would not be unreasonable to expect Mercedes to offer up some traits akin to current and future Land Rovers in an over-engineered Mercedes fashion.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Automotive News

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