Report: LaFerrari XX laps the Green Hell in 6:35

Though it’s not strictly road legal because of its slick tires, Fezza’s most recent achievement may have come pretty close to snapping up a production car record if it were on tires that likely would not have allowed that lap time. This purported feat is one in a series of track day testing sessions that Ferrari have been completing. Though they have released no official time on the road-going version of the LaFerrari or the racing version (the XX pictured above), we know that one thing is for certain: they are keen on putting Porsche’s 6:57 production car record to shame.

The related road-going LaFerrari employs a 789 horsepower 6.3 liter V12, which packs a F1-style KERS system capable of putting the combined system output up to 950 horsepower. While some family sedans will wheeze out a quarter mile in 15 seconds, the LaFerrari is already up to 186 mph at this point. It will be both boring an interesting at the same time to learn the statistics on the LaFerrari XX and its lap time, for now all we can do is wait and watch the launch video below.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Sawyer Sutton

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