Spy Shots: Yup, it’s the new Chevy Cruze

Destined to show up as a 2016 model, the car pictured above smacks a bit of Audi’s long and sometimes overpowering Single Frame grille, but we’ll get used to it. Given that Chevy is carrying out another diesel experiment in one of their US-market sedans, it’s not totally clear what the power picture may be, but it’s reasonable to expect that the 2 liter turbo diesel that helps the existing Cruze get 46 mpg will return. Though new from the ground up, the Cruze does make use of GM’s Delta II platform, which also underpins the Buick Verano.

At the Beijing Auto Show, GM showed one of these cars off with a 1.4 liter turbo and a naturally aspirated four with a 1.5 liter displacement. It wouldn’t be shocking to see something a bit spicier show up on North American shores, and there may be plans afoot for the 7 speed auto to make it into this car. The more likely choices at the moment seem like the current 6 speed auto and 6 speed stick available to the FWD compact sedan.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Car and Driver

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