Report: VW to build another tiny car

Though there has been much talk of a new Phaeton recently, reports are coming in that VW is also returning to their roots. Though not everyone loved the Beetle, quite a few purchased the car, and as a result, VW has always had a reputation for churning out lower end cars with a hint of European personality. What has stopped the car in the past? Despite their budget image, VW, has higher quality standards than some marques and has had trouble forecasting an environment in which such a car would succeed.

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They seem to feel though that this market may be China; this isn’t totally shocking, but what is more interesting is that this car, which will likely slot in somewhere below where the Lupo supermini once resided will be sold under a different brand name. VW’s current small car is the Polo, which also sees the light of day in Europe and elsewhere as the Audi A1. If VW were to jump off the new brand cliff with what will likely be a 1 liter or smaller engined car, it would be the 13th brand under the Volkswagen empire and would likely assist VW in passing Toyota as the world’s largest automaker.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Autocar

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