Report: Ford will bring back the Escort name

Though it may only be for China, one can always hope that a shouty descendant of the legendary Group B rally Escort that spawned the RS 200 can see the light of day again. For now though, we’ve got this, it’s a cheap and cheerful looking sedan that appears to be some sort of Fiesta derivative. The car pictured above is shown at the Shanghai Motor show, but will be sticking its slightly pinched nose into the Bejing Auto Show as well.

Made locally in China, the econobox slots in below the existing Ford Focus, of which China has been supplied both the second and third generations thereof. Though the shiny (17 inch?) rims may seem aspirational, the car doesn’t look bad overall, and, given some attention from Ford’s SVT division, could be a fun alternative to the Civic Type R, should Ford ever choose to bring it over here. That is pretty unlikely, given the disparity in emissions regulations and safety regulations between the US and China.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Autocar

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