Report: New Jag SUV sets its sights on the Porsche Macan

Given the size of the CX-17 concept, this may not come as a shock. Furthermore, it would seem a little odd for Jag to crowd the market that their brother company, Land Rover is attempting to suck up with the latest Range Rover. In 2016, one should expect to see Jag’s entrance to the small luxury SUV appear as an aluminum bodied looker. Based on the same architecture as Jag’s new BMW 3 series-fighter, the XE, The CX-17 will be marketed to those new to Jaguar.

In fact, Jaguar anticipates that the new luxury crossover will draw almost 90% of its customers from other brands. Porsche’s Macan is not aluminum and, because it is based on Audi’s Q5, the engine is way up front compared to the Jag, while the Jaguar is a larger vehicle than the Porsche, it could be a better drive thanks to less weight and better weight distribution. Depending upon how hard Jag wants to push the mean fuel economy of their fleet, not to mention CO2 output, we could be looking at a rear drive option in the lower end models to attain these figures. Power will likely come from a small, turbocharged four, just like that in the XE.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Autocar

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