Report: Mitsubishi Evo X goes away for good

Though Mitsubishi is offering a special edition over in the UK, the X FQ 440 MR, reports indicate that the car for which the Japanese automaker was known for all of these years is finally heading off into the sunset. The discussion today is of the current chassis, which is entirely logical, but there may or may not be plans for a successor. Over in the ‘States, that means we have the aging Outlander and the Mirage as the final vestiges of the brand.

The model offered up in the UK right now packs a 440 horsepower turbocharged 2 liter four cylinder engine, but there are indications that if and when a replacement could happen, it may come with a hybrid drivetrain. If it’s an F1-style KERS system or similar to that in the Porsche 918 or McLaren P1, we say ‘bring it on’. Since its inception in 1992, the Lancer Evolution has sold 154,000 examples worldwide.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Worldcarfans

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