Report: Jag to offer F-Type Club Sport, 440 lbs less, 0-60 in 3.5

Though it may not be a shock to anyone, Jaguar is looking to turn their already quick Porsche 911-fighting F-Type “up to 11.” The quickest, street legal, production F-Type weighs a whopping 3,700 lbs, which translates to lots of clever suspension and electronic jiggery-pokery to make up for the existing Coupe’s and R-Spec’s jowls. Rumor has it that Jag is playing with the idea of a lightened Club Sport edition, which goes on a diet of over 440 lbs.

How much is 440 lbs? Think of it as removing two household ovens from the car’s overall unladen weight. With the  556 bhp V8 the difference in handling, engine response and seat-of-the pants thrills with be increased dramatically. Rumor has it that in addition to the diet, the car could get other upgrades, which result in a pretty noticeable 0-60 trip of 3.5 seconds, firmly grabbing the fearsome  but overweight, zoo-cage-riddled, Jaguar by the scruff of the neck and bringing it back into the wild, capable of arguing many Supercars. The stock car is capable of reaching 186 miles per hour. With a bit more motivation, revised aerodynamics and a bit less weight, it would not be surprising for the new ‘kitty to touch 200, not that it matters to Jag’s target market, but hey, it’s a formidable benchmark. Expect Jag to price it a bit more than the $99,000 base price of the 2014 F-Type R.

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It is entirely possible that Jag will try to sell more than 500 of these to actually turn a profit on them, and they may not even consider using the V8, but instead, the supercharged V6, tuned to make a bit more more oomph. Yanking the V8 and replacing with the V6 in their present forms saves 156 pounds right away. Just imagine what they could do if they gave it capable, but lightweight suspension, a lightweight roof, less sound deadening, and racing seats. Though Jag has clearly stated that they don’t want to turn the car into a Lotus Elise, they could still borrow a lot of lightening techniques from that and other drivers’ cars.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Carscoops

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