Report: Jaguar XK will be replaced by an XJ coupe in 2017

There may be a bit of a gap between this last year of the XK and what will reportedly be its successor, but it will be quite enjoyable to see a coupe interpretation of the XJ sedan currently offered here. Though Jag has not done this for over 30 years, the V12-powered XJS was quite interesting to look at, if a bit poorly built. Between now and then Jag will be offering the 2015 BMW 3 series-fighting XE sedan, which, like the XJ coupe, will be all aluminum.

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The XJ coupe will be built on the existing F-Type platform, so while the shell may be an interpretation of a sleeker XJ sedan, much of the mechanicals will be from the F-Type. A range of sixes and eights is expected for engines, and turbocharging and direct injection will likely be offered throughout, not unlike the current XJ. From a driving standpoint, what does this all mean? The badge will likely mean little at all, given the underpinnings. Like Mercedes, Jag is making a political statement of some sort about not having too many different nameplates, so it will be interesting to see how the company plays up the status of this car within their range and separates it from the F-Type.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: AutoNation

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