That might leave a mark: BMW 335i ingests a guardrail in Johannesburg

Here at egm, we aren’t much on crashing, but this one is pretty noteworthy, seeing as no one was, allegedly, injured. The driver of this 306 bhp E92 BMW may have gotten the wind knocked out of him or her though when they lost control on a wet road and ended up threading a guardrail backwards through both windscreens.

For those skeptics of the safety of modern convertibles, even automatic hard tops such as this one, well, it’s probably still okay to be skeptical, given that this crash does not seem to have significantly deformed the roof, and mostly deformed other parts of the car, though miraculously, not the occupants. The panel gaps may resemble an early oughts American car, but it’s still quite impressive to see how intact much of the car is. Feel free to thumb through the photos and be shocked.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Worldcarfans

Sawyer Sutton

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