Recalled Rental Cars: 2011-2012 Dodge Charger

While a fleet car might not be what the kids are putting on their bedroom walls these days, the Charger isn’t half bad parked in the driveway. The interior quality is years ahead of the old model, the aesthetics are much more edgy and the engine bay has been given some reinvigorated fuel sipping, yet powerful technology. Sadly though, mistakes happen, and this one could be a deal breaker either for the driver or the moose they might hit at night time: the low beams in this car are not reliably served.

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Dodge issued recalls for nearly 50,000 copies of the marque’s flagship sedan. Available as a no-cost dealer fix, the manufacturer is paying for replacement of the headlamp bulbs, leads, and the whole assembly, if need be. Of note in this recall is an issue of heat transfer: the low beams s are not getting cooled enough in some cars and this may cause the low beams to fail prematurely. Dodge had the same issue with their Charger Police vehicle a few years back too. If you are interested in replacing the headlamps for “free.” Head over to your nearest Dodge dealer to score some headlamps.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Motortrend

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