Report: Nurburgring sold to the Capricorn Group for $138 million

Though nearly every indication seemed to point in an American direction, German auto parts maker Capricorn has purchased the famed ‘Green Hell’ and kept the racetrack completely within the mothership’s control. Sold for a cool 100 million Euros, the aging race track offers 170 corners and 13 miles of strenuous testing.

Recently a bastion of many track day enthusiasts, the circuit offers a hotel, hosts racing events, and offers a walk-ins welcome policy on certain days where members of the public can come and drive their daily drivers round the ‘Ring. Slated to take control of the track in 2015, Capricorn’s arrangement with the track will allow the current operations to continue until that time. The new owners anticipate investing heavily in what they are calling the Automotive Technology Cluster, a research and development center, which will supplant the existing Eifeldorf Grune Hotel. Until then, feel free to show up and try to get your car around in under 8 minutes.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source:  European Car Magazine

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