Video: MINI, Diesel, 307 bhp, 516 ft-lbs, Jay Leno, need we say more?

Organized chaos ensues the video below as Jay Leno drives and rides in an All4 Mini rally car. Though we do not always cover hooning or motorsport on egmCarTech, a Mini with a BMW Motorsport-developed diesel does cause a bit of a stir. As one of the better known car folk this side of BBC’s TopGear UK, Jay Leno is probably one of the more compelling presenters to pull off this stunt.

The car in the film is perhaps Mini’s idea of the Bowler Wildcat. Gearing is set up with acceleration in mind rather than top speed, which is a pretty paltry 112 mph, less than the standard Countryman, which the race car’s shell mimics. Nonetheless, this 3 liter-powered throwback to British rally heritage won the Paris-Dakar and was driven by a chap who had previously won it on a motorcycle. Feel free to thoroughly enjoy the video after the jump.

-By: Sawyer Sutton