Report: BMW and Toyota moving closer to production sports car

German publication AutoZeitung reports that BMW and Toyota are a step closer to finalizing their highly-anticipated collaborate midsize sports coupe with majority of the automotive world betting their dough on a new Supra. According to the report, BMW and Toyota have agreed on the car’s proportions and specifications.

As usual, details are sparse, except for hints including 50/50 weight distribution, front-engine mounting with power going to the proper wheels at the back, a low center of gravity and lots of lightweight materials like carbon fiber and aluminum.

Guesses for engine options are just as good as ours–no word or hint as of yet. Though some have speculated the use of a 2.0L four-cylinder, could be an inline unit or a modified boxer from the GT86. But the more enticing possibility is the use of a 3.0L straight-six, most likely sourced from BMW.

Should all go well (cross your fingers that all does), the car should cost around $48,555 in Euros converted with today’s rates. We should also expect two versions to come, one from Toyota and one from BMW, like Toyota did with the GT86 and and the Subaru BRZ.

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Chris Chin

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