Report: Jeep Wrangler to get an auto-retractable hardtop

According to a report, Jeep is mulling the idea of ” simplifying” Wrangler ownership by relieving it of one of its redeeming features: the manually operated roof. Currently available with a fixed hard top or rag top, Jeep might be considering removing the car’s proclivity to removing one’s fingers.

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Though Jeep has been using a manually operated top for all of its natural existence, this mostly seems like a pandora’s box of poor industrial design, added weight, and poor durability. Cheap, lightweight, and reliable, are all adjectives that describe electronically folding metal roofs, but generally only two of those adjectives can be used. It will be interesting to see if Jeep does go the automatic route and how well the systems last. Up for discussion too, evidently, is the fate of the folding front windshield and tailgate mounted spare tire. Let’s hope these are all just rumors. On the bright side, it would appear that Jeep is looking to smooth out the ride but retain the solid axles.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Road and Track

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