Report: Less than 30% of Kia dealers will get the $60,000 K900, will have to retrain significantly

On the heels of a reasonably successful Superbowl commercial, Kia is ramping up sales of their $60,000 K900 luxury sedan. Packed with a V8 and Lexus levels of luxury and refinement, the K900 represents the second tier Korean automaker’s test of the luxury market. Dropping in a step below the VW Phaeton, the K900 isn’t as much of a test bed as that car was, but hopefully it will woo buyers into a different brand that will be allowed to separate itself in some ways from the European, American, and Japanese competition.

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Fitted with a variant of the Tau V8 found in the Hyundai Genesis, the K900 has 420 horsepower that gets channeled through an 8 speed automatic that gets a shift lever similar to that found in most BMWs these days. There may be a direct injected 3.8 liter V6 coming down the line too with 311 horsepower, but Kia wants to make a bolder statement than that for the inital release. The statement is so bold, in fact, that the handful of dealers chosen to sell the K900 will need to be trained to sell luxury vehicles right next to bare bones economy cars. 

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Autoblog

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