Report: GMC Denalis are quite the hot and profitable commodity these days

When your competition is the Lincoln Navigator, let’s just say that life can be pretty easy. Designed as GM’s second tier full size SUV line, the GMC Yukon Denali offers a take on carrying the kids, groceries and a small nation to soccer practice, that is not the cheap as chips Chevy experience, but is not likely to cause condescending glances in the way that the Cadillac Escalade can. It’s not just limited to the Yukon though; GMC offers five cars with the Denali trim level and they have all reportedly been selling like hotcakes.

Not only have these cars been selling well, but the equipment is all priced with profit in mind. The upgrade to 20 inch rims on a Tahoe is $400, but the upgrade to 22s on a Yukon Denali will happily suck close to three large out of your pocket. Are all Yukon Denali customers going to purchase tons of profit-laced options? According to a recent report, most buyers skip the standard $60,000 car and option it out to the tune of over $70,000. That adds up, and, last year, sales of the Denali trim line for all models went up 20%.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Autoblog

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