Report: Alfa Romeo Spider gets the 1.4 Liter MultiAir four

Alfa is reportedly developing a small roadster for American tastes, so the inexpensive and obvious option may be, according to a new report, to take the engine out of a Dodge Dart, tune it and put it into an Alfa likely costing twice as much. In the Alfa Romeo Spider, this engine will likely develop over 160 horsepower and will allow the car to start competing with the lower end models from Europe.

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Alfa and Mazda are quite adamant that the new small roadster will not be a simply rebadged MX-5, but this car, possibly named the 2C, may be produced over in Japan by Mazda. The collaboration will likely end there though and interior appointments and exterior styling will likely require oversight by the Italians. Very little is known about this car and it will likely show up some time after the higher end 4C (pictured above) shows up. Only 1,000 4Cs are destined for the most successful of Fiat dealers over here.

-By:  Sawyer Sutton

Source: AutoNation

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