Report: Only the most aggressive Fiat dealers to get Alfa franchises

Though Alfa has technically sold a few 8C Competizione models stateside through select Maserati dealers, the marque hasn’t really even thought of taking a big foothold in the US until recently. As a brand that is affiliated with but is not exactly an upgraded Fiat, the issue of dealerships is a natural one. Parent company Fiat plans to take it somewhat conservative with Alfa’s first real reintroduction into the US since Alfa dropped the less-than-reliable, but still excellent 164 in 1995: only the most successful of Fiat dealerships will be able to sell Alfa Romeos.

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20 years later, reports are suggesting that Alfa will jump back onto the scene with their 4C sportscar. One could technically argue that Alfa has been around in the US since the current Dodge Dart has been on sale, but Fiat would rather you not feel that way. This point is driven further home by the fact that Alfa intends upon marketing only 1,000 4Cs per year initially, a far cry from the 100,000+ cars sold annually worldwide.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

 Source: Autoblog

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