Report: BMW X2 to show up in 2017

The above photo is a just a render, but sadly, the idea of another slightly lifted, pretentious orb from the Bavarians may be more than a twinkle in their eye. According to a new report, BMW plans on offering up the X2 as a new and interesting way to drain one’s resources. This is merely another BMW solution in search of a problem. Let’s not place a negative statement of value on that former sentiment though, because when BMW’s 2002 came to the market in 1968, the world had not realized the need for the genre which that car helped start. Are we in that situation now? I would like to have an open mind, but it’s pretty hard.

This is in no way a replacement for the X1, though in some ways it is. If you follow my incoherent language, you will likely understand BMW’s logic of slightly shrinking the X1 crossover, though likely still pricing it around $30,000, to make room for the X2, which will likely be about the size of the current X1. Make sense? Power will likely come from the existing three and four cylinder turbocharged mills and be fed through BMW’s heavy but clever 8-speed auto ‘box to all four wheels.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Worldcarfans

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