Bob Lutz tapped to chair VIA Motors

Former GM CEO Bob Lutz has just been assigned to a slightly offbeat but very compelling post: Chairman of the Board for VIA Motors, an electronic vehicle company that currently offers a line of retrofitted GM trucks. Since his slide from the GM limelite, Lutz has been focusing on pushing electric vehicles for heavier duty, commercial purposes.

Since joining VIA in 2011, Lutz has helped the startup EV manufacturer through the R&D of producing their wares: Chevy Trucks that offer similar range and efficiency of the Chevy Volt. The trucks themselves are a bit dear, starting at $79,000, but with an advertised 100mpg level of economy, 40 miles of electric range and 400 miles of extended (gas-powered) range and equivalent horsepower to the higher end V8s (402 bhp and more low-end torque out of an electric motor that measures 11″by11″) the products Lutz is pushing are not just a science experiment. Available for preorder, the color choices are limited to red, white, and black.

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-By: Sawyer Sutton

ANN ARBOR, MI– VIA Motors announced today that auto legend, Bob Lutz, former vice chairman of General Motors and a board member of VIA Motors, was appointed Chairman of the Board of VIA Motors, maker of extended range electric trucks, vans & SUVs. Lutz is also known as the “father of the Chevy Volt” America’s best selling electric vehicle.

“VIA is fortunate to have the experience of one of the industry’s foremost executives leading our board,” said John Weber, VIA Motors, CEO. Mr. Lutz brings with him a passion for the evolution of the automobile, and decades of experience from his tenure in top executive positions at each of the world’s leading auto companies, noted Weber.

“I believe VIA is electrifying the right end of the business and is implementing a very sound business strategy,” said Lutz. “If we are going to see main stream adoption of electric vehicles, the technology must deliver a good return on investment to the largest segment of the auto business, namely trucks, vans & SUVs. That’s why I am so confident in VIA and I’m pleased to serve as Chairman,” said Lutz.

Lutz is replacing retiring chairman Carl Berg, who has served with distinction since VIA’s launch in 2009. Berg continues to be VIA’s largest shareholder and ardent supporter.

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