Report: SsangYong products to be offered in the US market

It is not everyday that you hear that the US is getting yet another new, mass-produced car brand to choose from. Korean automaker SsangYong may start chipping away at Kia/Hyundai’s success in not too long; 300,000 units by 2016, according to a new report. The cars would likely be sold under a different name in the US, though as most US consumers are used to being subjected to badge engineering by domestic manufacturers, it doesn’t seem obvious what the reason is as of yet. Sure the name is not a bland, Americanized name like  “Eagle” (though I do almost like some of Eagle’s rather eccentric early AMC-era stuff), but this hasn’t stopped Kia or Hyundai from getting a firm grip on part of the US market.

Cars like the Korando, pictured above, may be flooding the roads imminently, and, if they are priced and equipped competitively, for years to come. At first glance, and yes, from the photos, the cars look like they could be on par with Kia and Hyundai, if priced well, but will that be enough, or will they slowly slide down the razor blade of mediocrity that Mitsubishi seems to be doing with their non-Evo models.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Worldcarfans

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