Report: Tesla Model X to come only in AWD

Initial online orders of the Tesla Model X crossover/suv/tall wagon/electric SAAB, gave two options of two wheel drive or all wheel drive. The latter option has been removed. In a world where everyone and their relatives feel that an inch of snow is the death knell for driveability of two wheel drive cars, Tesla has gone the conservative route with their high riding electric car. With an electric car, the transition between two wheel and all wheel drive as options might just be a bit different and costly for the manufacturer.

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More driveshafts and motors may mean that there is less space for batteries to go, depending upon the initial layout of the car. Depending upon the cost of developing the two, this may have been the more sensible option for Tesla. Is is necessary? Probably not, but depending upon how much power is available, this could come in handy and even fun on dry pavement. In the end, Tesla asserted that most customers who preordered their Model X had preordered it with all wheel drive, so overall, this move probably makes quite a bit of sense.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Carscoops

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