Report: Next Chevy Cruze spy photos

Looking a little bit more like the outgoing Impala, it would appear the Chevy is playing it pretty conservative with the next Cruze compact sedan. The small Civic fighting, and sometimes diesel fuel ingesting symbol of how Americans can build a decent small car is about to get a significant makeover. Judging from the interior shots, the car is not moving upmarket, but is getting reconfigured for a refresh of its layout and of where Chevy plans to stack it in their lineup.

The details on this new car are quite slim and will likely come out far later this year as the car is likely to not hit the American market until late 2015. Between now and then, feel free to check out the photographs and, if you are so inclined, hope for a diesel wagon version with a manual transmission.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Autoblog

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