Report: 2015 Mercedes C-Class gets a 10.8-gallon fuel tank
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Mercedes-Benz is attempting to justify the use of a fuel tank that is smaller than that offered in a mid 90s Honda Civic by saying that this weight reduction measure keeps the range the same as the previous model. The only saving grace to this rather strange turn of events is that Mercedes will offer a larger (read: normal sized) tank, which is capable of holding 17.4 gallons for under a couple hundred dollars.

Why? This saves tons of weight in a car with a fairly small engine, and, for Europe, Mercedes has to sell a number of cars that put out less than 100 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. How much weight does this save? Slightly more than a ’30 rack. (26 lbs)

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Autocar

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