Report: BMW may turn their cars into roving billboards

Perhaps not on the outside, but maybe something far more insidious: the infotainment systems fitted to BMWs of the future may contain ads from what it calls the “Virtual Marketplace of the Future.” On paper, this is quite insidious, in practice though, it may not be any more offensive than an integrated GasBuddy app.

In short, the navigation software may alert the driver of promotions at gas stations and other “destinations”. BMW insists that the concept is not an overarching ploy on the part of the car industry to suck more money out of consumers and businesses, in short, the operator can turn the ads off. Thus far, BMW has outfitted a 7 series with the advertisement software, which does research on inexpensive parking garages nearby online while the driver is approaching their destination.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Carscoops