Report: 1,400 horsepower, 1,400 kilogram Koenigsegg due at Geneva

Why? Because they can. According to GTSpirit, the Swedish automaker will show off its latest creation at the Geneva Motor Show in March. Before you whip out your checkbook, all 6 copies have been spoken for. The almost conservatively styled One:1 walks past its sibling, the 956-horsepower Agera R, and is capable of doing the 0-400 kph (248 mph) sprint in about 20 seconds, which is half as long as it takes the 16-cylinder, quad turbocharged Bugatti Veyron to do the task. In other words, 0-60 mph is not really even relevant; this car may weigh about 3,000 lbs, but it will likely feel like a bit less than that.

The specifications available for the 1,400 horsepower V8 mill hidden somewhere under the carbon fiber are still unknown, but it will be interesting learn more at the reveal; more interesting though will be the usability of those 1,400 rampaging stallions and expectations for longevity and likely availability and cost of consumables such as tires.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: GTSpirit

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