Report: Porsche to bump up Macan production

Is Porsche diluting their brand? For those of that mindset, this is something to talk about. WirtschaftsWoche reports that Porsche is considering bumping worldwide production for their smaller, Audi Q5-based crossover from 50,000 units to 80,000 units. The pricing raises questions because the current pricing makes the Macan compete with the Cayenne on the low end. See below:

2015 Macan S $49,900

2015 Macan Turbo $72,300

Cayenne $49,600
Cayenne Diesel $56,600
Cayenne Platinum Edition $63,300
Cayenne Diesel Platinum Edition $66,900
Cayenne S $66,800
Cayenne S Hybrid $70,900
Cayenne GTS $83,300
Cayenne Turbo $110,400
Cayenne Turbo S $146,000
Cayenne Turbo $110,400
Cayenne Turbo S $146,000

Yes, the upper end of the Cayenne range is still higher than the upper end of the Macan range, but the rest of the pricing makes the better equipped Cayenne seem like a bargain. Until Porsche offers a non S version of the Macan in the US, a significant portion of the global luxury SUV market, it will be interesting to see who purchases all of these Macans.

Should Porsche succeed, this would mean a huge increase in sales compared to where Porsche was over 20 years ago. Purists may call this dilution: in 2012, according to Porsche, they moved over 35,000 vehicles in the US, ten years prior (the Cayenne’s first calendar year on the market,) the number was 23,047. In 1992, Porsche sold 4,131 cars in North America. They are quite a ways off from being a significant mass market marque such as BMW, Audi or Mercedes, whose figures are counted in hundreds of thousands, but it will be interesting to see where Porsche lands in the long term.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Carscoops

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