Report: Next Mercedes V-Class Van Spied

Slated to show up at this March’s Geneva Motor Show, Mercedes has been out testing their newest people carrier, the V-Class. Folks over at Carscoops managed to get off some shots of the van before it speedily slipped away somehow. The interior resembles that of the nascent C-Class entry level luxury car recently unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show roughly two weeks ago.

The new van is pretty basic otherwise, and is rumored to be on the table for replacing the ill-fated R-Class neither here nor there van/non SUV/soccermom vehicle. Apart from having dubious residual value, the R-Class was designed to carry quantities of passengers in comfort and the V-class is no slouch; it similarly offers six captain’s style seats. Stay tuned for our coverage of Geneva and the time leading up to it for possible leaks on this utilitarian, but useful conveyance.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Carscoops

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