Report: Volvo V60 priced from $36,225

Well, maybe not that V60, but the base model 2015 Volvo V60 will set you back $36,225 when it goes on sale in the ‘States next month. As one of the few remaining low-slung wagon options in the US, the V60 is a favorite in the northeastern snowbelt region, but not everywhere else. In Volvo’s lineup, sales of the V60 fall somewhere between midpack or below. The base car comes equipped with a turbocharged Drive E four cylinder engine, which chucks out 240 horsepower. This sounds normal until one gets around to the rear liftgate and sees a “T5” badge. Volvo has evidently gone the way of BMW and Mercedes by upping the numbers slightly to stay in keeping with legacy names, or when the opportunity arises, to just put down a larger number.

A T6 is also available and, naturally, that is a supercharged and turbocharged four as well, which displaces 2 liters and puts out 302 horsepower. For those interested in more power, there is yet another T6 available in the Polestar edition of the V60, which offers up around 350 horsepower; not much compared to the Mercedes E63 AMG, but at $50 grand, the red wagon shown above does not reside in a crowded market. Oh, and none of these variants will be hooked up to anything other than Volvo’s new 8-speed automatic over here in the states, while a 6-speed manual is offered in Europe.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: Car and Driver

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