Report: BMW X4 and Refreshed X3 SUVs at NY Auto Show

BMW will likely be showing off the production versions of the refreshed X3 and brand-new X4 SUVs at the New York International Auto Show in April. The X4, as previously displayed at the Geneva Auto Show, is another experiment in BMW’s micro-niche marketing philosophy. BMW of course eschews the notion that is is yet another entry level luxury SUV, CUV, or crossover, but moreover a “Sports Activity Coupe.” This means it’s their idea of a shrunken X6, a car with few real sporting pretensions (though the press photos do indicate it on a track, though they reportedly will not produce an X4M), very little off road capability and very little interior space.

The X4 looks like a Subaru Legacy sedan on Outback springs. Despite polarizing aesthetic choices, BMW will likely be marketing this vehicle for styling-conscious customers; as they mention the appearance of the concept’s available 21-inch rims more than once in the press release, a perhaps desperate effort similar to when Chrysler released print advertisements of their Sebring convertible which touted cooled cupholders as a significant selling point.

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Posters over at Bimmerforums have aggregated spy shots of the car, some of which indicate it next to an X3, and an X6, which does well to indicate the size of the new vehicle. The X4 will likely be powered by the 240 horsepower N20 four cylinder turbo powerplant, and, as an option, the 300 horsepower N55 3-liter turbo straight-six. Expect to see both the X4 and refreshed X3 in the trendier snowbelt regions in the coming year.

-By: Sawyer Sutton

Source: AutoNation

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