Report: Buick to offer new diesel-powered model, wants more juice from Encore

Buick might be offering a new diesel-powered car, according to a report from and is expected “soon.” Now, some familiar car enthusiasts might not like the sound of this since the last time Buick and diesel came together in the United States was in the 1980s.

And that didn’t exactly go well for the brand. Though, of course, times have changed drastically and diesel has been known to work, even before the 1980s, particularly with the Europeans.

But this is in an effort to streamline production and to offer buyers more flexible options for fuel misers. Since many of Buick’s offerings come from GM’s European branch, Opel, as a European-based brand, Buick offering a diesel engine in the America isn’t exactly rocket science.

The diesel candidate for Buick is the same four-banger found in the current Chevrolet Cruze diesel. That said, the Buick Verano could be the first Buick to receive a diesel since the Oldsmobile diesel V6- and V8-powered Buicks.

On the flipside, Buick is also seeking to get more power out of the Encore subcompact crossover SUV, which currently gets go-power from a turbocharged 1.4L four-banger good for 138hp.

No timeframe was given, but changes could be implemented over the next several years.

Source: Edmunds

Chris Chin

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