Report: Chrysler continues to delay sales launch of Cherokee due to transmission programming

Chrysler is apparently still delaying the delivery of more than 12,000 2014 Jeep Cherokees as the car maker is still dealing with a problem with the crossover’s latest nine-speed automatic from ZF. The issue lies in the software rather than being a mechanical issue.

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According to Chrysler’s vice president for communications, Gualberto Ranieri, Chrysler is still in the final stages of recalibrating the transmission so it could operate smoothly as desired by the engineers.

“Once the latest powertrain calibration is validated, the company will be able to quickly update the powertrain software on Cherokees already built and ship vehicles to dealerships around the country in quantity,” Ranieri said to TheDetroitNews.

Chrysler has been working around the clock with its factory workers to isolate and solve the problem. Additionally, Chrysler stands by their decision to delay the sales launch of the Jeep Cherokee to avoid having the issue reach the customers.

Source: DetroitNews

Chris Chin

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