Report: Jaguar on the road to launching at least four new models by 2018

A lot of news has been surrounding Jaguar as of recent as the small Coventry-based automaker is really adamant about tightening their aim on the proverbial competition from Germany and Japan. So far, we already know that the Leaping Cat is on the verge of producing an SUV crossover and an all-new compact sports sedan a la BMW 3-Series.

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Speaking of which, Jaguar’s Adrian Hallmark recently told AutoCarUK that the new compact sports sedan will be launched sometime in 2015 and will be “the most advanced, most efficient, most refined car in that segment.”

Internally coded the X760, the new sedan will also utilize an all-aluminum body. Coupe and wagon variants and possibly a hatchback might even make their way into the mix to compete against BMW’s Gran Turismo models.

Jaguar has been struggling over the past several years against stiff competition and business analysts are saying that this new 3-Series competitor is Jaguar’s “last chance” to turn in the needed volume and profit margins to keep Jaguar-Land Rover afloat. Helping the compact sedan become a reality is Land Rover’s plans to produce an extended wheelbase Range Rover Evoque XL, which will underpin the sedan.

Source: AutoCarUK

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