Report: Infiniti to begin selling on home turf in Japan

Infiniti will be sold in Japan’s Domestic Market in the near future, according to a new report from AutomotiveNews. Most often think of Infiniti as a Japanese automaker. Though in reality, Infiniti in its entirety is technically a North American company. In the 1980s, when Infiniti was first introduced, Nissan Motor Company, which is Japanese, created Infiniti specifically to cater to North America’s then booming luxury market. This was when the US automobile market was also perceived to be the largest and most potential car market.

Nissan’s adaptation of the Toyota-Lexus business model consisted mainly of the automaker taking many of their own domestic models, reworking them to be more luxurious, and reappropriating them stateside as Infinitis. Though all of Infiniti models sold in the US are found as Nissans elsewhere.

Infiniti recently began marketing in Europe and now, Nissan will begin marketing their luxury brand on home turf. This is in an effort to better compete with luxury brands from Europe in the Japanese Domestic Market.

For instance, our Infiniti G has been sold as the Nissan Skyline in Japan and the cars are nearly mechanically identical. Though in an effort for new profit goals set by CEO Carlos Ghosn, for the new generation, the current Infiniti Q50 will be sold as the Q50 in Japan, rather than the Skyline. The same will occur with other Nissan/Infiniti luxury models.

Source: AutomotiveNews

Chris Chin

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