Report: Volkswagen to introduce new VR6 motor with direct injection, forced induction capable

Volkswagen is known for many things. But one of the better examples happens to be vee-dub’s beloved narrow-angle V6, colloquially known as the famous VR6 motor, which is also reputed for its luscious exhaust and engine note. Just ask any of the VW crowd who’s owned a VR6-powered People’s Car with a modified exhaust.

And a new report is in from AutoWeek, who learned that Volkswagen will be ushering in their next generation narrow-angle VR6 motor very soon. Advances include the use of direct-injection gasoline and will be led by Fritz Eichler, former developer for Mercedes-Benz AMG motors. The new VR6 is said to continue displacing 3.0L while employing an unusual 15-degree cylinder bank angle. And of course, the motor will be designed from the ground up to be transversely mounted for front-wheel drive based applications.

Additionally, all previous version of the VR6 motor were designed for natural aspiration whereas the new generation motors will be designed to use forced induction if needed. That said, VW’s engineers were said to hint at a twin-turbo setup.

The new VR6 is destined to see duty in select markets and should be found on the next generation Passat, Passat, CC, the production CrossBlue crossover SUV, and potentially the next generation Scirocco as well.

Source: AutoWeek

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