Report: Next generation Nissan 370Z replacement due at Tokyo this year

Nissan is gearing up for a major model replacement due at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. After speaking with Nissan’s development head honcho, Andy Palmer, at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, AutoCarUK learned that the model in question is the next-generation 370Z replacement.

Palmer described the new version as a more toned down version of the current model, particularly in the size and weight department. There will also be a smaller turbocharged engine with the possibility of even an electric or hybrid drivetrain. Though if anything, such a radical change will most certainly take place with the concept.

Much like the current Z sports car, the new generation model will also offer a Nismo version to keep the car’s market reach wide.

“I don’t want to position it as a Toyota GT86 style car though,” Palmer said. “That traditional sleek sports car is nice but not the market I want to address. I want to address the issue of a next generation sports car.”

By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCarUK

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