Report: Toyota may also jump on Cummins diesel bandwagon for the Tundra

It seems the pickup truck wars are heating up even more with oil burners being the hot topic in an effort to boost fuel economy ratings. Recently, Nissan was confirmed to be offering a Cummins turbodiesel V8 for their next generation Titan full-size pickup. Now, Edmunds apparently learned that Toyota is interested in hooking up with Cummins as well to offer one for their Tundra pickup.

The diesel trend has been on the rise as manufacturers have finally been appreciating the increased fuel efficiency benefits of diesel engines without the sacrifice in power. That said, Toyota is apparently looking down a similar road for a solution.

“I think Cummins would bring instant name recognition and obviously they are a leader in diesel engine technology,” Rick LoFaso told Edmunds, the Japanese automaker’s corporate manager for light trucks in the USA. “That is not the first time we would have a tie up with somebody else.”

LoFaso also said, in addition to the diesel option, hybrid technology is being investigated as well, though no timeframe on a decision was given.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Edmunds

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