Report: Chrysler’s launch delay of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee is apparently due to transmission software issues
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  • 2014 Jeep Cherokee Front 3-4 Left Close Up
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  • 2014 Jeep Cherokee Front Trail Off-Roading
  • 2014 Jeep Cherokee Mudding
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  • 2014 Jeep Cherokee Rear 3-4 Left Cruising
  • 2014 Jeep Cherokee Rear 3-4 Right Close Up
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  • 2014 Jeep Cherokee Rear 7-8 Left Beach
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  • 2014 Jeep Cherokee Rear 7-8 Right
  • 2014 Jeep Cherokee Right Side
  • 2014 Jeep Cherokee
  • 2014 Jeep Cherokee Interior Driver Seat
  • 2014 Jeep Cherokee Interior Front

Jalopnik has learned that the reason why the latest 2014 Jeep Cherokee revival has had its sales launch delayed—which was supposedly due to needed powertrain “tweaks”—those “tweaks” were actually a result of problems arising from the nine-speed automatic that ZF has just introduced.

The problem isn’t quite a mechanical issue, but seems to rather be a software issue as Jalopnik was told that the transmission just has trouble engaging into 8th and 9th gears when equipped with the 2.4L Tigershark engine. This is because the engine is forced to rev at quite a low speed when in its highest gear, which also just happens to be short of the four-bangers powerband.

Either way, Chrysler appears to be working around the clock to remedy the situation since delaying a media event can cost quite a bit of money. But all in all, the 2014 Jeep Cherokee is a crucial launch for the brand.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Jalopnik

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  • mbryson

    Crucial launch but why with such a non-Jeep type Jeep?

  • XJLover4Life

    You know…Chrysler really should take a hint. Even this abomination knows it shouldn’t be released, especially not with a Jeep badge.

  • liamdevlin

    This thing is such a shame and an insult not only to the previous Jeep Cherokee all automobiles in general. What a hideous design. Get ready to fork around 30-35K for a full loaded ugly thing, And then get ready to fork around 5K in just maintenance over the next 5 years, I got my 2000 Cherokee Sport 4.0L for $3500 and it has 204K miles on it. On an average I have spent $550/year for maintenance over the past 4 years. It goes literally anywhere and everywhere!

  • Amused

    The complaining “purists” really need to get over themselves. Change is inevitable, learn to embrace it; fighting it is a foolish waste of time. I for one think the new Cherokee is pretty exciting and I look forward to buying one in October. Bye-bye boxy-ugly Jeeps of yester-year!

  • Pat Carrick

    >>> YUK ! ! ! This thing looks like the illegitimate offspring of a Buick Enclave, a Ford Escape and some funky Hyundai. What’s up with that grill…WTF ? ? ? I’ve owned 4 Grand Cherokees since 1994 and I’m a current owner of a 2011 Grand Cherokee Limited. While I’ve loved every Jeep I’ve owned, in my opinion, the 2011-2012 style Grand Cherokee is by far the best. The styling of the 2011-2012 was superb and, if the pictures of the 2014 Jeep are any gauge
    of future styling, the 2011/2012 WK2 may have been the pinnacle of anything
    Jeep/Chrysler/Fiat will ever make. Indeed, the only thing I really lacked and
    wanted in my 2011 was the 8 speed transmission, which did not come out until
    2013. That said, in 2013, aside from the 8 speed transmission, I was a bit miffed when the 2013 GC went through a minor cosmetic makeover. I say that
    because the 2013 makeover literally did nothing to improve styling; in fact,
    I’d argue Jeep actually cheapened the styling in 2013. The lack of chrome on
    the doors and tailgate on the 2013’s struck me as more of a cost savings issue
    than a styling cue improvement. Also, the new headlights on the 2013 looked
    like they were a “retrofitted afterthought” that was pulled from the parts bin of the Chrysler 300. So, we now know that the 2013 Jeep will go down as the one year bastard stepchild that had less chrome and somewhat goofy headlights, as the 2014 model is now completely changed cosmetically, once again.
    Personally, I hate it when US auto companies make stupid minor cosmetics
    changes that only detract from continuity of the brand image. One of the
    reasons Mercedes and BMW have had success is because they’ve always strived to maintain brand identity in their styling cues. Yes, the styling cues of those brands has changed over the years, but there’s no mistaking that it’s a
    Mercedes or BMW. Beyond that, when Merc or BMW make a change, the changes tend to stay around for several years of a model run, rather than making stupid tweaks to things like headlights, grills or taillight’s.

    I’m sorry, this thing is just plain “fugly” and is not likely to grow on me. I think that next time around, I’ll be buying a BMW X5, as my 20 year love affair with Jeep is over ! ! !

  • HN

    I have a Jeep Patriot, which at least looks like a Jeep. This thing looks like an Aztec. They should have retooled the Patriot instead.