Report: Honda’s next generation Euro-spec Civic Type R still on track for 2015, stillno US-bound version

AutoExpressUK reports that Honda is still on track to reveal their next generation Civic Type R, due to officially see the light of day by 2015. If you were hoping there would be some awesome news explaining that the Civic Type R is US-bound, unfortunately, you will be very disappointed.

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After talking with Honda’s CEO Takanobu Ito, the report states that the next-gen Civic Type R is still being developed specifically for Europe’s domestic market and will utilize technology and developments learned in Honda’s recent experience in the World Touring Car Championship. Even more reason for us to be upset as to why we’re not receiving this hot Civic.

Ito’s goal is to apparently make the new Civic Type R the fastest front-wheel drive car around the Nurburgring, which means it will have to best the current leader’s time of 8:07.9 seconds, set by the Renault Megane 265 Trophy. To bolster Honda’s plans, Honda’s British managing director Dave Hodgetts even told AutoExpressUK that the new Type R “will have at least 265hp, the engineers’ target is 300bhp though.”

Hodgetts didn’t exactly say where the power would be coming from, though he hinted the use of forced induction via a single turbochager feeding a 1.6L four-banging mill is possible, with a displacement as high as 2.0L. However, specifics were kept to a minimum. Predictions must be taken lightly since the Honda Civic Type-R has always soldiered on with a naturally aspirated motor and the use of forced induction seems like it would most likely cause a riot within the enthusiasts groups from breaking tradition.

And too complicate things even more, Hodgetts apparently disclosed that Honda is seeking to expand the brand with the Type R name by having the Civic be the pinnacle model for an entire range.

“We want a range that is genuinely perceived to be sporty, but with a range of practical models sitting underneath,” said Hodgetts.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoExpressUK

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