Report: Mercedes-Benz in the works with a “GLC-Class” GL-based “coupe” flagship crossover with five-doors

Germany’s has apparently learned that Mercedes-Benz is expressing interest to produce a more personalized version of the GL-Class full-size SUV crossover in the form of a GL-Class Coupe. The idea is to produce a competitor against the rumored Audi Q8 and BMW X7.

It is apparently set to go into production in 2015 as a five-door crossover, which already throws up a red flag. GL Coupe, that implies two doors, at most three for a body with an extended boot and entrances for the front passengers only. But so is not the case with this supposed “GLC-Class” as it has been described to take a similar naming role like the CLS-Class, forming the revolutionary term (and still controversial) “four-door coupe.”

More specifically, it was described to mimic the design of the CLS Shooting Brake estate, except on stilts.

Engines and drivetrain details have yet to be released. Though it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect the usual mixture of six- and eight-cylinder gasoline and diesel models, with the possibility of a hybrid or plug-in hybrid setup, compliments of the all-new S-Class Plug-In Hybrid. And with recent news about Mercedes-Benz’s 9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic, that’s definitely a possibility as well.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: (Wenn Sie wissen, Deutsch) via WCF

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