Report: Dodge’s Ralph Gilles denies rumors about Dodge being axed

Amidst rumors that Chrysler’s Dodge division was kicking the bucket due to the lack of a diverse lineup in the near future with very little pointers as to what next, some outlets were getting antsy about the possible death of Dodge.

But according to AutoBlog, the rumors are only rumors as the outfit found that Dodge’s CEO Ralph Gilles denied such rumors on his personal Instagram account.

Gilles was in Italy visiting the Viper Club members in Europe and Gilles simply responded to the question. He wrote replying to a question: “all rumors, Dodge is here to stay! It may get more focused going forward but not killed!”

As for what exactly it means? We’re not sure, as Dodge’s success with the Dart has been slower than anticipated and reports suggest Dodge is getting rid of one of their most iconic models – the Dodge Caravan. And it doesn’t end there. The Durango is set for a death after this generation while there has yet to be a successor to the Dodge Journey crossover.

But either way, it’ll be interesting to see what they have in store.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Instagram via AutoBlog

Chris Chin

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