Report: Volkswagen in the works with a mid-engined gas sports car based off of the limited XL1 EV

Word in the pipeline via CAR magazine of the UK is that Volkswagen may be in the works to introduce a new mid-engined sports car loosely based off of the XL1. While the XL1 is a limited production all-electric sports coupe, the new sports car currently utilizes the codename, “XR1.”

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This said “XR1” has been described to be able to pace the Porsche 911, while returning the same fuel economy of a Golf TDI. Because the XL1 has one of the slickest bodies around in terms of aerodynamics, this should come to no surprise as slick aerodynamics not only improve  fuel economy, but performance as well.

The idea is to adopt the weight-saving technology and the aerodynamic design as inspiration for the XR1. It will use the same platform made from a carbon-fiber reinforced polymer with gullwing doors. The target curb weight is 1,874lbs, or 850kg. Yes, you read that correctly, and that’s lighter than the latest Lotus Elise.

The XR1 will utilize the Golf GTI’s ubiquitous 2.0L turbocharged and direct-injected gasoline motor. Though possibilities include a turbo or supercharger setup, or even a mild hybrid setup. It will sit in the middle of the chassis for the best balance and the lowest center of gravity. The result would supposedly be a 0-62 time that’s faster than the PDK dual-clutch-equipped Porsche 911 Carrera. A top speed of 190 mph could be possible.

The XL1 is undergoing some serious redesigning for the new setup, meaning the XR1 will be slightly wider and longer than the original XL1 platform. Many of the XL1’s features will also carry over such as the aforementioned gullwing doors, the XL1’s slick side-view mirrorless design in place of rear-facing  cameras, a move which keeps aerodynamics at bay. Other changes will include more aggressive body work.

A timeframe hasn’t been given, but CAR has reason to expect to sell for around £40,000 in the UK.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CAR

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