Report: Volkswagen working on carbon fiber roof option for future performance Golfs reports that Volkswagen is looking to give the Golf a bit of a performance boost by reducing some weight. This is apparently going to be accomplished through the use of an all-new carbon-fiber roof option specifically for the performance variants.

The roof is said to save around 18-20 pounds and of course, being the roof, it will also lower the center of gravity, improving performance and fuel economy.

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Word comes after Edmunds spoke to Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Volkswagen’s research and development chief. Hackenberg also said that the current challenge right now is developing the roof’s waterpoof joints to help it seal with the rest of the body and the windshield.

Though no detail surrounding when and where this carbon fiber roof option would show up. Though chances are, it would most likely be for the R models.

By: Chris Chin