Report: Apple researching incorporating iOS 7, Maps, and Siri into automobile infotainment and diagnostic systems

While major electronics giants have always had a piece of the consumer action in the automobile industry—such as nVIDIA graphics chips in Audi MMIs or Garmin-based infotainment systems in Chryslers and Mercedes-Benzes—Apple reportedly wants some of the action as well by incorporating iOS 7 into cars along with Maps and Siri services.

As of now, you can only get these systems working through your car audio via the iOS’s USB connection or via the auxiliary output. Though Apple wants to just incorporate their services directly into cars.

Ideally, Siri will be used to perform specific tasks in order to curtail distracted driving while Maps is used to provide the interface for in-car satellite navigation. Alternatively, other systems could be adapted to work with the car’s on-board diagnostic systems, also known as OBD-II or On-Board Diagnostics.

The report comes from Macintosh enthusiast publication,, where they learned that Apple opened up a range of job listings related to integrating iOS with car audio systems with demands for quality assurance testers for stereo compatibility and background with Bluetooth product testing. No time frame was given, though it is certain that Apple is looking to up the ante with electronics and the automobile industry.

– By: Chris Chin