Report: Jaguar SUV crossover edges closer to fruition, may be based on Range Rover Evoque

PistonHeads recently received the scoop on some details surrounding a possible Jaguar SUV as the luxury seeks to tighten its aim on the luxury brands from Germany, Japan, and America. Rumors have been circulating in the news reel hinting that Jaguar was truly interested in grabbing a piece of the CUV pie.

Though the latest report alleges that Jaguar has just registered some trademarks for the names “Q-Type” and “XQ,” which makes PistonHeads believe that Jaguar is moving a step closer to developing said SUV because Audi uses the letter “Q” to signify their crossover SUV lineup. This is also based off of previous reports from Australia’s that have mentioned the SUV idea.

Additionally, they also point out that Jaguar’s attempt at producing in SUV would allow the brand to become more competitive. And with Land Rover at their disposal with the brand’s new modular platforms, a Jaguar SUV may truly workout to be feasible. That said, hints point towards a Jaguar SUV potentially based on the Range Rover Evoque, engines included.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what Jaguar has in store for this potential SUV, despite the fact that it is completely sacrilegious to the brand’s roots—which is why Land Rover exists. While it makes sense from a marketing and sales perspective, there’s too much of chance that there could be brand overlapping, which could translate into the bedeviling concern for “badge engineering” (as if this isn’t happening already?).

So we’ll see Jaguar…we’ll see…

By: Chris Chin